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Winson Group Macau is collection of professional services of different sectors in Macau. Its services include development & investment, real estates, property management, architectural construction, project management, IT enterprise solutions, trading, design & production and culture communications.
Winson Project Management is a leading information technology services provider that has made a serious commitment to building a world-class and sustainable business in Macau and the region to support the growing dependency on critical IT services. We specialise in the application of world’s best IT practices to solve our clients’ technology challenges and to ensure they stay competitive in a rapidly changing world. We provide a range of services to our clients including onsite staff (ServiceDesk, field support, project management etc.). We also partner with leading technology companies to resell, deploy and support a range of enterprise technology applications.

【QA Tester 軟件測試員】
*Carries out projects in the areas of QA to provide testing services on systems
- Performs testing activities according to the management priorities
- Coordinates and performs all QA/UAT activities
- Verifies production fixes before production deployment
- Provides effort estimates on testing activities
- Interface with suppliers.in-house development team to perform testing activities
- Appliesall project governance by coordinating and holding regularly schedule implementation meetings, executive oversight meetings and any go live activities that are required
- Responsible for deliver to agreed timelines
- 根據管理優先級執行測試活動
- 協調並執行所有QA活動
- 在生產部署之前驗證生產修復程序
- 提供測試活動的工作量評估
- 與供應商溝通,內部開發團隊執行測試活動
- 通過協調並定期召開實施會議、執行監督會議和任何必要的活動來實施所有項目治理
- 負責在約定的時間期限內交貨
- Degree in IT related curriculum required
- Knowledge on testing methodologies
- Able to analyze and solve problems in a service driven organization
- Good communication and interpersonal skills
- Experience on Software Development Life Cycle
- Able to execute popular testing tools.
- 具備信息技術相關課程學歷
- 瞭解測試方法
- 能夠分析和解決服務驅動組織中的問題
- 良好的溝通和人際交往能力
- 熟悉軟件開發生命週期
- 能夠執行流行的測試工具
- 負責公司日常的費用報銷;
- 負責銀行往來業務,應收應付帳目,日常現金、支票的收入與支出,準時登記現金及銀行存款日記賬;
- 每日盤點庫存現金,做到日清月結,賬實相符;
- 月末與會計核對現金/銀行存款日記賬的發生額與餘額;
- 接聽轉接公司電話并做好記錄,協助處理行政相關工作;
- 領導交代的其他工作。
- 會計相關專業,,1年以上相關工作經驗;
- 認真細致,愛崗敬業,吃苦耐勞,有良好的職業操守。
【Project Coordinator】
- act as a scrum master through the product development
- create and maintain user stories for product backlog with Confluence and Jira
- managed core agile ceremonies in team environments: Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-up Meeting, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospectives
- facilitated discussion, decisions making, and conflict resolution across cross-functional teams
- perform API integration test, interface test and performance test on mobile devices
- report and track issues, and keep information up-to-date
- 在産品開發中充當scrum master
- 使用Confluence和Jira創建和維護産品待辦事項列表的用戶故事
- 管理團隊環境中的核心敏捷儀式:Sprint計劃、每日站立會議、Sprint評審和Sprint回顧
- 促進跨職能團隊的讨論、決策制定和沖突解決
- 執行API集成測試、界面測試和移動設備性能測試
- 報告和跟蹤問題,并保持信息的最新
- Meet with hotel staff/clients to ascertain/understand their needs and provide prompt and professional assistance and support.
- Set up and organize workstation with designated supplies, forms, and resource materials.
- Conducts periodic tests and inspections to ensure all departments are complying with required procedures.
- Identify training needs and recommend actions in order to resolve those needs.
- Assist in the monitoring of all related hotel systems and ensure proper operation and condition.
- Monitor inventory and supplies and ensure that replenishments are ordered in a timely manner. Report shortages immediately to supervisor.
- Demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company.
- Working knowledge of local area networks and Microsoft Windows
- Good writing skills
- 拜訪員工和客戶以确定或了解他們的需求,從而提供快速和專業的協助與支持。
- 設置并組織工作站指定的供應品,表格和資源材料。進行定期的測試和檢查以确保所有部門符合規定的程序。
- 确定培訓需求并爲解決南些需求而建議應進行的工作。協助監測所有相關的酒店系統,确保正常運轉和良好狀況。
- 監督庫存和供應平,确保及時訂購補充品。應将缺貨的情況立即彙報給上級領導。
- 完全代表酒店,品牌和公司與顧客,員工和第三方交往的能力。
- 具有局域網和微軟視窗軟件的使用知識
- 良好的寫作技巧
【PHP Developer】
- Conducting analysis of website and application requirements.
- Writing back-end code and building efficient PHP modules.
- Developing back-end portals with an optimized database.
- Troubleshooting application and code issues.
- Integrating data storage solutions.
- Responding to integration requests from front-end developers.
- Finalizing back-end features and testing web applications.
- Updating and altering application features to enhance performance.
- Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar field.
- Knowledge of PHP web frameworks including Yii, Laravel, and CodeIgniter.
- Knowledge of front-end technologies including CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5.
- Understanding of object-oriented PHP programming.
- Previous experience creating scalable applications.
- Proficient with code versioning tools including Git, Mercurial, CVS, and SVN.
- Familiarity with SQL/NoSQL databases.
- Ability to project manage.
- Good problem-solving skills.
- 負責公司社交媒體的日常創作,維護及運營工作,挖掘和分析:及時掌握潮流風向和最新熱話,能夠完成專題策劃,編輯創作;
- 優秀的文字功底,能夠獨立編寫中/英文的資訊、軟文、新聞、策劃方案、活動方案
- 配合策劃和市場部完成各類線上線下活動,建立有效運營手段,提高客戶關注度和活躍度,增加粉絲量;
- 與平台粉絲線上互動,和留言/詢問者保持良好溝通;
- 配合公司品牌定位,品牌個性創造及品牌傳播等工作;
- 協助各部門完成新媒體推廣的創作和編輯工作;
- 大專以上學歷,有Facebook,IG,微信公眾號,抖音小紅書等媒體平臺的內容創作經驗。年輕愛玩,思維活躍,喜歡social善於溝通表逹,具有博隊精神,創作熱誠:
- 對潮流年輕文化敏感,有相關工作經驗和品牌資源優先:
- 熟悉新媒體,有新媒體運營經驗,市場營銷,新聞傳播或媒體類專業優先:
- 對時事熱點有一定的敏感度;
- 文筆流暢,語言組織能力強,可熟練撰寫媒體軟文:
- 有國內外媒體運營、推廣者經驗優先:
- 英文水平優異,可翻譯中文宣傳文案;
- 工作熊度端正,具一定的抗壓性:具備良好的滿通能力和博隊協作精神:
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